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Groups and Associations

Former Texas Supreme Court Justices

Hon. Tom Phillips, Former Chief Justice
Hon. Wallace Jefferson, Former Chief Justice
Hon. Alberto Gonzales, Former Justice
Hon. Craig Enoch, Former Justice
Hon. Harriett O’Neill, Former Justice
Hon. Dale Wainwright, Former Justice
Hon. Scott Brister, Former Justice
Hon. David Medina, Former Justice
Hon. Paul Green, Former Justice
Hon. Phil Johnson, Former Justice
Hon. Eva Guzman, Former Justice

Elected Officials

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Attorney General Ken Paxton
Sen. Bryan Hughes, District 1
Sen. Bob Hall, District 2
Sen. Brandon Creighton, District 4
Sen. Paul Bettencourt, District 7
Sen. Mayes Middleton, District 11
Sen. Tan Parker, District 12
Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, District 18
Sen. Pete Flores, District 24
Sen. Donna Campbell, District 25
Sen. Drew Springer, District 30
Sen. Kevin Sparks, District 31
Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr, District 3
Rep. Matt Schaefer, District 6
Rep. Jay Dean, District 7
Rep. Cody Harris, District 8
Rep. Travis Clardy, District 11
Rep. John Raney, District 14
Rep. Steve Toth, District 15
Rep. Stan Gerdes, District 17
Rep. Cody Vasut, District 25
Rep. Ed Thompson, District 29
Rep. Ryan Guillen, District 31
Rep. J.M. Lozano, District 43
Rep. Brad Buckley, District 54
Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson, District 56

Rep. Richard Hayes, District 57
Rep. DeWayne Burns, District 58
Rep. Shelby Slawson, District 59
Rep. Reggie Smith, District 62
Rep. Ben Bumgarner, District 63
Rep. Jeff Leach, District 67
Rep. David Spiller, District 68
Rep. James Frank, District 69
Rep. Carrie Isaac, District 73
Rep. Tom Craddick, District 82
Rep. Dustin Burrows, District 83
Rep. Carl Tepper, District 84
Rep. Stan Kitzman, District 85
Rep. John Smithee, District 86
Rep. Candy Noble, District 89
Rep. Stephanie Klick, District 91
Rep. Nate Schatzline, District 93
Rep. Tony Tinderholt, District 94
Rep. David Cook, District 96
Rep. Steve Allison, District 121
Rep. Sam Harless, District 126
Rep. Briscoe Cain, District 128
Rep. Dennis Paul, District 129
Rep. Tom Oliverson, District 130
Rep. Mike Schofield, District 132
Rep. Mano DeAyala, District 133
Rep. Valoree Swanson, District 150

Other Elected Officials

Hon. Jack Roady, District Attorney, Galveston
Hon. Josh Tetens, District Attorney, McClennan County
Hon. Brett Ligon, District Attorney, Montgomery County
Hon. B.D. Griffin, County Attorney, Montgomery County
Hon. Jon Gimble, District Clerk, McClennan County
Hon. Parnell McNamara, Sheriff, McClennan County
Hon. Rand Henderson, Sheriff, Montgomery County

Statewide Grassroots Leaders

Cathie Adams, Past President, Texas Eagle Forum
Robin Armstrong, Republican National Committeeman
Michael Berry, Czar of Talk Radio
Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People
Ann Hettinger, State Director Emerita, Concerned Women for America of Texas
Rick Green, President, Patriot Academy
Kathy & Stuart Lane, DFW Conservative Voters PAC
Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values Action
John Seago, President, Texas Right to Life
Pastor David Welch, Founder & President, Texas Pastor’s Council

State Republican Executive Committee

Christin Bentley, District 1
Jerry Fisher, District 2
Bruce Bishop, District 2
David Covey, District 3
Gwendolyn Withrow, District 4
Dale Inman, District 4
Susan Lucas, District 5
Scott Bowen, District 6
Tom Nobis, District 7
Margaret Whitt, District 8
Jim Pikl, District 8
Matt Ticzkus, District 10
Gaylyn Devine, District 11
Ken Moore, District 11
Jill Glover, District 12
David Wylie, District 12
Milinda Morris, District 13
Dale Gibble, District 13
Jan Duncan, District 14

Gail Stanart, District 15

Susan Fountain, District 16
Matthew Patrick, District 16

Roman Klein, District 17
Howard Barker, District 18

Kelly Perry, District 19
Fernando Garcia, District 19
Devvie Duke,District 22
Jon Ker, District 22
Ed Zenner, District 23
Andrew Eller, District 24
Naomi Narvaiz, District 25
Chris Byrd, District 25
Karen Marshall, District 26
Francisco “Quico” Canseco, District 26
Moran Graham, District 27
Steve Evans, District 28
Lynda Hogue, District 28
Adolpho Telles, District 29

Britton Brooks, District 30
Tisha Crow, District 31
Thomas Warren, District 31